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Hailey Chevron Knit Sweater
Hailey Chevron Knit Sweater

Hailey Chevron Knit Sweater

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Say hello to the Hailey Chevron Knit Sweater – your new go-to for cozy chic vibes! Picture this: a ROUND NECK to frame your fabulous smile, LONG SLEEVES for warmth and style, and a sassy EXTENDED SHOULDER design because, well, we love a little flair! The EYELET KNIT adds that cute touch, and oh, did we mention the adorable CHEVRON PATTERN? It's like a happy dance for your wardrobe!

This KNIT PULLOVER is a 100% POLYESTER party – cozy, cute, and so easy to love. Get ready for compliments, darling! Hailey is not just a sweater; it's a mood, a vibe, and your instant ticket to casual glam

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