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Nellie Total Solar Eclipse Tee

Nellie Total Solar Eclipse Tee

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Step into the cosmic coolness with our Nellie Total Solar Eclipse Tee! Crafted on a sleek Black Bella Canvas Unisex fit, this tee is as stylish as it is comfortable. Made from a cozy poly/cotton blend, it's the perfect fusion of fashion and ease.

On the front, you'll find a whimsical cartoon duo - the Sun and Moon rocking their trendiest solar shades, bringing a playful vibe to your wardrobe. But that's not all – flip to the back, and you'll discover the celestial magic of the total solar eclipse. The captivating graphic is accompanied by essential details, marking the date of the celestial spectacle – 04-08-2024 – and the specific cosmic rendezvous location: Norwalk, OH.

Wear it proudly and be part of the cosmic journey, capturing the essence of the celestial event in the heart of Norwalk. Whether you're an eclipse enthusiast or just love unique, eye-catching designs, this tee is your ticket to celestial style. Embrace the astronomical excitement and make a stellar statement with our Nellie Total Solar Eclipse Tee!


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