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WTF Wrapping Paper
WTF Wrapping Paper
WTF Wrapping Paper

WTF Wrapping Paper

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Embrace irreverent humor with our "What The Fuck" Wrapping Paper – because sometimes, the only appropriate response is a candid expression! These sheets are not your average wrapping paper; they're a bold statement wrapped in vibrant colors.

"You will LOVE these sheets" – and that's not an understatement. Delight in the unexpected with 3 sheets shipped to you, each one rolled in a cello sleeve for added flair. The brilliant and bold colors on matte paper create a visually striking effect, ensuring that your gifts make a memorable entrance.

Printed on both sides with two different designs that complement each other, this wrapping paper is not just for wrapping – it's a versatile canvas for your creativity. Each sheet measures 20"x29", making it suitable for various gift sizes and occasions.

Whether you choose to use them for wrapping or hang them like a poster, the "What The Fuck" Wrapping Paper adds a touch of unconventional fun to any gift-giving moment. And hey, we can ship them flat upon request – just let us know, and we'll make it happen.

Bring a sense of humor to your presents with our "What The Fuck" Wrapping Paper – where wit meets paper, and your gifts become conversation starters.

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