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    As the creator of The Original Roll-On® Bracelet, we take great pride in the unique design and unmatched quality of our Roll-On® Bracelets. We offer our Roll-On® Bracelets in almost every color imaginable and are constantly updating our designs with new color and pattern combinations. In fact, we launch a new line of Roll-On® Bracelets every Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer season, ensuring that our designs stay current and on-trend.

    Equally important to what we create, is how we create it. As a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are proud to say that The Original Roll-On® Bracelet is ethically crafted in Nepal and is the only Roll-On® Bracelet that is authentically Fair Trade.

    So how do we create such beautiful, high quality, Fair Trade jewelry?

    All of our designs come from the minds of our talented designers and production team and are inspired by our frequent travels to Nepal. Our design team works closely with our artisans throughout the entire design process, carefully considering the practical implications of our designs before moving forward with any production. We supply our artisans with only the finest quality glass beads from sources in the Czech Republic and Japan. Our vibrant, high quality beads and hand-dyed cotton thread combine to create the exclusive Aid Through Trade Original Roll-On® Bracelet, which carries a lifetime guarantee and fits almost any size wrist.

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