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Black and White Cow Horns

Black and White Cow Horns

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Meet Leo, the star of our Black and White Longhorn Print – a stunning piece that captures the essence of strength and elegance. The unframed print measures 12x24 inches, and when paired with our frames, adds about one more inch per side, enhancing the overall presentation.

Leo, the longhorn, takes center stage in this beautiful print. Positioned proudly in the middle of the frame, gazing straight ahead, he exudes a commanding presence that will captivate any longhorn lover. The black and white aesthetic adds a timeless touch to this piece, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any space.

Each frame comes equipped with a vintage wire along the top for quick and easy wall hanging, allowing you to showcase Leo's majestic presence with ease.

Whether you're a longhorn enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of this iconic creature, our Black and White Longhorn Print is the perfect choice to add character to your space. Bring Leo into your home and let his timeless charm adorn your walls.

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