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Beaker Vase

Beaker Vase

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Our Black Beaker Glass Vase – a sleek and versatile addition to your home decor. With dimensions of 9.5x5.5 inches, this vase combines modern design with classic elegance to enhance any space.

Crafted with care, the black beaker glass exudes sophistication, making it a stylish vessel for showcasing your favorite blooms or adding a touch of minimalistic charm to your decor. The slender silhouette and bold color make it an eye-catching accent in any room.

Whether you place it on a mantel, dining table, or as a centerpiece, this vase effortlessly blends into various decor styles, from contemporary to traditional. Its timeless appeal and practical size allow for easy integration into your existing decor.

Elevate your floral arrangements or stand-alone decorative displays with the Black Beaker Glass Vase. Let its simple yet striking design bring a touch of refinement to your living spaces.

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