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Carla Marble and Brass Knobs
Carla Marble and Brass Knobs

Carla Marble and Brass Knobs

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Transform your furniture into stylish statement pieces with the Carla Stone Brass Knobs, a fusion of elegance and craftsmanship. These handcrafted knobs are more than mere accessories; they are a testament to the art of home decor.

Each knob boasts a unique combination of stone and polished brass, creating a visually stunning inlay strip at the center. This distinctive design adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen drawers, dressing tables, and other furniture items, allowing you to give your home a remarkable makeover effortlessly.

The white hue of the stone complements various color palettes, ensuring these knobs seamlessly integrate into your existing decor. The polished brass strip not only adds a luxurious element but also highlights the meticulous attention to detail in the craftsmanship.

Installation is a breeze, as these knobs come with washers and nuts, ensuring a quick and easy update for dressers, cabinets, and more. Elevate the aesthetic of your living space with these versatile and stylish knobs, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in home design.

Celebrate the fusion of stone and brass with the Carla Stone Brass Knobs, and bring a touch of timeless elegance to your home. Whether you're redecorating or seeking the perfect finishing touch, these knobs offer a sophisticated solution to elevate your furniture and elevate your living space.

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