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General Finishes Flat Out Flat

General Finishes Flat Out Flat

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Introducing Flat-Out Flat, a water-based topcoat that lives up to its name, offering a seamlessly flat sheen and a luxurious velvety texture. This versatile topcoat is perfect for enhancing the durability of paint, stains, or varnish. It truly shines when applied over milk paints and chalk paints, preserving the charming "antique" appearance while providing an additional layer of protection.

Crafted with a resilient self cross-linking acrylic, Flat-Out Flat performs admirably, comparable to the quality of GF High Performance. Whether applied over or under High Performance, this topcoat is a must-have for shabby chic restorers and aficionados of antiqued finishes. Elevate your projects with the subtle elegance and reliable performance of Flat-Out Flat.

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