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IOD Air Dry Mould Clay

IOD Air Dry Mould Clay

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Discover the magic of our artist-grade IOD Air Dry Clay – a crafting essential designed for capturing intricate details with our IOD Moulds. This proprietary blend ensures exceptional detail retention, allowing you to create stunning castings with ease.

Embrace the vintage charm as you work with our Air Dry Clay, knowing that a touch of shrinkage and cracking upon drying adds character to your creations. It's not a flaw; it's an opportunity to enhance that cherished, aged look. Store your clay in a cool area to maintain its quality.

Each pack contains 14.1 oz (400g) of Air Dry Clay, providing you with ample material for your crafting ventures. Here's a pro tip: When casting with air dry clay, glue your creations down while still wet. The inevitable cracks that may appear during drying can be embraced for a vintage aesthetic. For those instances where cracks don't align with your vision, simply backfill with more clay after drying.

If crack prevention is your goal, cover your air dry clay casting in cellophane immediately after pulling it from the mould. Gently secure it in place, ensuring you preserve every detail without pressing too hard. While this method extends drying time, it minimizes cracking, allowing you to achieve the perfect, flawless finish.

Unlock the potential of your creative projects with IOD Air Dry Clay – where every crack tells a story, and vintage charm meets modern craftsmanship!

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