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Lace MINT Tissue Papers
Lace MINT Tissue Papers

Lace MINT Tissue Papers

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Revamp your crafting game with Mint Tissue Papers – the perfect blend of elegance and creativity for your artistic adventures! Picture this: each pack comes with three 35cm x 35cm (13.8in x 13.8in) tissue papers, injecting a touch of sophistication into your projects.

Seamless Repeat Designs: Dive into a world of crafting magic with Mint Tissue Papers, offering a generous size and seamless repeat designs. Craft without any pesky interruptions, whether you're wrapping gifts, whipping up cards, or jazzing up various surfaces.

Unbeatable Value: We've got your back with each pack containing three tissue papers. Dive into multiple creative projects or spread the crafting joy with friends and family – it's a win-win!

Premium 28gsm Quality: Details matter, and Mint Tissue Papers boast a premium 28gsm quality. Sturdy enough for your creative shenanigans, yet delicate for those intricate folds and textures you're cooking up.

Distinct from Original Mint Decoupage Papers: Mint Tissue Papers take the spotlight with their unique focus on your tissue paper needs, setting them apart from our OG Mint Decoupage Papers. It's like having a crafting sidekick with its own special flair.

Endless Possibilities: Let your creativity roam free! Use Mint Tissue Papers for gift wrapping, crafting tags, jazzing up scrapbooks, decorating cards, creating paper collages, or adding a pop of texture to mixed media projects. The only limit is your imagination!

To wrap it up, Mint Tissue Papers bring a touch of elegance, unbeatable value, premium quality, and a distinct personality compared to our original Mint Decoupage Papers. Elevate your crafting game and let these tissue papers become your trusty sidekick for adding style and creativity to every artistic vision.

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