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Windmill MINT Decoupage Papers
Windmill MINT Decoupage Papers

Windmill MINT Decoupage Papers

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Embark on a creative journey with Mint's specialized decoupage papers designed exclusively for furniture art and refurbishment. Available in two sizes, A1 and A3, each paper boasts carefully chosen stock to enhance your decoupage projects and transform them into true works of art.

Our collection of Mint decoupage papers comes with easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a seamless creative process. 

Keep in mind that the web preview might alter the perceived size of the papers, so refer to the actual dimensions for accuracy. Elevate your furniture refurbishment endeavors with Mint decoupage papers – where every project becomes a testament to your artistic expression.

A3 - 297mm x 420mm / 11.7" x 16.5"

A1 - 594mm x 841mm / 23.4" x 33.1"

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