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WoodUbend Scalloped Edge Trim Moulds TR747.1

WoodUbend Scalloped Edge Trim Moulds TR747.1

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WoodUbend mouldings are like the Swiss Army knives of crafting materials – they've got all the cool characteristics of wood when they're chilling. This makes them the all-stars for a bunch of different creative projects. Sand them, stain them, saw them, distress them, paint them, drill them, or nail them – it's a breeze.

But here's where it gets exciting – give these mouldings a little heat, and they become your crafting sidekicks. As the temperature rises, they turn into this pliable, flexible, and super malleable material. This means you can stretch, shape, and create sturdy bonds on any surface, no matter how tricky it is.

And the coolest part? The unique thing about WoodUbend mouldings is that you can heat them up, take them off, and put them back on hours or even days later. It's like having a crafty time machine – undo and redo whenever the creative spirit strikes. So, whether you're a seasoned DIY pro or just diving into the crafting world, these mouldings are your secret weapon for adding a touch of magic to your projects!

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