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WoodUBend Stencil Hippy Sunflower

WoodUBend Stencil Hippy Sunflower

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A top-notch multi-layered stencils that's just what you need for your crafting adventures, furniture revamps, or spicing up your walls.

Created with care by the talented artist Alexandra Bena in her studio nestled in Greece, each stencil in this range is a work of art in itself. The beauty lies in its multi-layered design – paint each layer a different color, and watch your creation burst into a vibrant, multi-hued masterpiece.

What makes the Alexandra Range truly versatile is its perfect harmony with both Posh Chalk coatings and WoodUbend. Mix and match your Posh Chalk coatings to give each layer a distinct color, and add WoodUbend to bring depth and dimension to your project.

Guided by colors suggested on each stencil, you're encouraged to let your creativity run wild. Use these stencils on your walls to craft unique and stunning wall art, or incorporate them into your furniture revamps for that extra touch of style.

Crafted from high-quality PET and measuring a sturdy 0.3mm in thickness, these stencils are not just a one-time use affair. Wash and reuse them to your heart's content – they're tough enough to handle it all. Express yourself freely with the Alexandra Range, where your creative journey is boundless!

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