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Call In Thicc Crewneck

Call In Thicc Crewneck

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Get ready to embrace comfort and style with our White Vintage Raglan Crewneck. This isn't just clothing; it's a cozy essential with a playful twist. Featuring the iconic graphic proudly stating, "Damn, Might Have To Call In Thicc Today," this vintage-style crewneck is all about classic white vibes, trendy raglan sleeves, and a timeless blue ink that adds a pop of personality.

That confident bear with shades, striking a pose in front of a mirror? Absolutely – and now it's rocking an even cooler blue hue, making your outfit stand out effortlessly.

Designed with a lighter weight fabric, this raglan crewneck ensures comfort for those laid-back days or whenever you're aiming for that easygoing, casual look. Whether you're heading for a casual hangout or just chilling, this crewneck seamlessly blends comfort with undeniable style.

Celebrate your curves, radiate positive vibes, and let your style shine with our White Vintage Raglan Crewneck. Slip into this cozy piece and own the day with confidence, a smile, and that touch of flair that sets you apart. tee.

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