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Call In Thicc Tee

Call In Thicc Tee

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Get ready to rock that comfy-cool vibe with our Black Relaxed Tee – your new favorite for easy-breezy days full of confidence and humor. This tee is all about celebrating your curves and embracing that feel-good attitude.

On the front, you'll spot a playful shout-out that says, "Damn, Might Have To Call In Thicc Today." We all know those days when you just want to be cozy and feel great about your curves, and this tee is like a little nod to that self-love. Accompanying this fun saying is a bear with shades, striking a confident pose in front of a mirror – because why not revel in your own fabulousness?

The black tee with white ink not only looks effortlessly stylish but also ensures your statement stands out. With its relaxed fit, this tee is perfect for casual hangs or just kicking back – it's like wearing a comfy hug that also spreads positive vibes about body confidence.

Whether you're out with pals, hitting the town, or simply taking it easy, our Black Relaxed Tee is the ultimate choice. It's not just an outfit; it's a mood booster, letting you express yourself with humor and a big dose of body positivity. So, go ahead, celebrate those curves, and strut your stuff in this cool and cozy tee.

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