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Plantable Soy Candle
Plantable Soy Candle
Plantable Soy Candle
Plantable Soy Candle

Plantable Soy Candle

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The Loft presents the Burn Plant Grow Collection, featuring our Plantable Soy Candle—a unique blend of eco-conscious design and delightful aromas. Experience the joy of upcycling as you transform this 13oz Soy Candle, hand-poured into a stylish square black glass jar, into a beautiful planter once the candle has finished.

Each candle includes a seed packet, allowing you to grow the plant the candle is based on. Embrace the simple process: place a layer of soil, plant your seeds, cover with ¼” of soil, and watch them flourish. Perfect for gifting, and an engaging activity for kids!

The meticulous craftsmanship extends to the cork lid, adding a touch of natural elegance. Our candles are created by a single set of hands, ensuring a clean and even burn. Utilizing a proprietary formula, US-grown soy wax, fragrances infused with pure essential oils, and natural wicks, these candles are cruelty-free, vegan, and free from artificial dyes or additives.

Immerse your space in a relaxing, subtly scented atmosphere with our plant-based ingredients. Enjoy up to approximately 5-6 hours per candle ounce, burning in 2 to 3-hour increments. Elevate your sensory experience with Wanderlust Scents' Plantable Soy Candle—a beautiful fusion of sustainability and soothing fragrance.

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