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Country 6 Bean Soup Mix

Country 6 Bean Soup Mix

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A combination of six different dehydrated beans, dehydrated vegetables, and spices make this a flavorful option for bean soup lovers. Customers add diced tomatoes, broth, and meat like bacon or smoked sausage if desired. This soup mix also makes a fantastic BBQ bean side dish. Great served with corn bread.

Cassie Menchhofer is a producer of easy meal starters, spice blends, and baking mixes that help busy families get healthy meals on the table without losing their sanity. All of Cassie's products are produced on an Ohio homestead in a licensed facility which was built specifically for the production of these products. All ingredients are high quality and organic is used whenever possible. Products do not contain MSG, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. Sodium is reduced as much as possible in each product. Products are shipped using packaging materials that have been previously used or were going to be thrown away by another vendor. Water and electric are conserved as much as possible. Cassie's Country Cupboard gives a box of food products to a foster family each month who was nominated by fans of the business and gift baskets are often donated to fundraisers throughout the community. Cassie's products are perfect for the busy mom, new parents, young adults just starting out, campers/RV lovers, and they make great gifts for a large range of people.

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